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You will always know what treatment will cost in total, before you start.
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Fortunately, serious problems are rare with orthodontic appliances.

Occasionally the following may occur:

  • loose bracket
  • poking wire
  • loose band
  • broken wire
  • broken or lost removable appliance

If any of the above do occur don’t panic. These problems can be dealt with during working hours. If need be remove the loose or offending item and ring the practice during the opening hours. We will try to arrange an appointment to repair the brace as soon as possible.

Private Treatment

We offer private consultation and treatment for both adults and children. The advantages of private treatment are:

  • Treatment with the same experienced consultant orthodontist
  • No waiting time for consultation or treatment start
  • Invisible or white (low visibility) braces – your friends and colleagues need not know you are wearing braces
  • Flexible interest fee payment options available subject to conditions
  • Excellent value and high standard orthodontics, affordable for most people using our monthly payment system (see payments)

All patients are provided with a full written report with payment choices before any treatment starts. You will always know what treatment will cost in total, before you start.


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